230gms、200gms、180 gms and 135 gms of high quality inkjet photo paper

Inkjet paper is a kind of imaging medium, which is used to develop a kind of photograph. It has its unique color expression and anti fading and waterproof function.

Professional photo output is one of mankind’s greatest inventions of the last century, high precision color printing technology China since entering the market at the beginning of 1990s, after 10 years of rapid development, has been in the advertising industry, office automation, digital image printing, printing proofing and other fields widely used. In recent years, the application of professional inkjet output in the field of digital image output is particularly eye-catching, with the progress of inkjet output technology change rapidly, the quality of the image output is more and more admired for professional printing industry has a rapid upward trend.

Microporous inkjet paper:Because the paper base and the layer have the waterproof performance, after the printing, the paper can be immersed in the water and can not affect the final imaging effect. The utility model has the advantages of strong versatility, and can be applied to the printing of pigment and dye ink in various printer types. Is the most upscale product in all inkjet printing paper. Such as the United States Department of the company’s products in the surface of the diamond, pearl, gold, platinum and Crystal Satin surface belong to this paper.

Cast coated inkjet paper:The surface of the paper layer has the property of water resistance, and the surface of the printing paper is wiped off after dripping, which does not affect the imaging effect. Moderate price, cost-effective. Such as the United States Department of the company’s products in the 230 gms, 200 gms, 180 gms and 135 gms of inkjet photo paper adhesive paper and other varieties belong to this product, is the Department of the main products of the United States company and inkjet paper on the market.
Expanded inkjet paperThe advantages and disadvantages of this kind of paper is very prominent, because the ink directly on the gelatin, so the printing color is very bright. And the paper feels heavy, cheap, economical and practical, but because of the coating process is simple, the coating is thin, the ink can not be effectively absorbed, resulting in slow drying, uneven layers, easy to produce ink. Ink, and paper is not waterproof, easy to fade, not suitable for long-term preservation. His versatility is poor, not suitable for pigment ink printing, more suitable for use in hot bubble printer. Such as the United States and the company’s products in the 230 gms of RC high light inkjet paper belongs to this product.

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