32 lb high gloss coated inkjet papers

Use these lightweight 32 lb high gloss coated inkjet papers for art and photo, brochure cover, the report covers, graphic design, logo, presentation, daily photo printing and any need high resolution and color quality business applications.

Our cheap inkjet paper on the quality of our glossy inkjet prints will print out bright colors and super-sharp details. They print almost any inkjet printers, including those that use pigment ink. Printing high contrast image and the quality color density of photos, glossy  paper is your best choice. Our glossy inkjet paper reflects a lot of light, so you’ll see excellent color saturation, density and bright images.

Possible use of this glossy inkjet paper:

  • Prove and comps for your graphic design needs
  • Photo printing of digital photos
  • Demonstrate business information, such as annual reports and brochures
  • All types of flyers, sales, help, charity requests, sports teams, etc.
  • Real estate brochures and flyers
  • Restaurant menu paper insertion
  • Prove magazine covers and book covers
  • Exhibit logo, tabletop exhibition logo

This cheap glossy inkjet paper applies to inkjet printers, including HP inkjet printers, lexmark inkjet printers, kodak inkjet printers and epson inkjet printers.

With its excellent absorption rate, these photocopying and multi-purpose paper products create saturated colors and sharp edges. Most inkjet photo papers prevent smudging and smudging, so your files look clean and crisp. Whether you are copying important documents or printing client letters, you can rest assured that every detail will pass. For greater contrast, choose paper with a brightness of 96 or higher.

Free paper offers many types of poster printing, because posters use many different ways. Posters can be used: simple temporary indoor and outdoor signs; Retail display; Class projects; Church functions; Promotional activities; Advertising, security, information or motivational information; And charts and charts. Some of our customers use broadsheet sea newspaper to print and sell popular photos, graphic designs and low-cost copies of artwork.

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