Best inkjet paper for photos online

10 mil thickness, 200 GSM, 99% brightness, Bright White single sided.
The use of linen matte best inkjet paper online will add to the print size and texture in your image. This article is made from pure alpha cellulose, free of acids and lignin. Linen and Matt dye and pigment ink compatible, instant dry, waterproof. You can make your ideas very popular through this white paper, because it’s ideal for portraits, landscapes, portfolios, greeting cards and so on.

Glossy paper coated with Pro SuperDry technology, you can quickly print out the printer. The high ink saturation of the paper and detailed shadow reproduction provide an ideal medium for black-and-white printing.

  • High saturation of dyes and colouring inks
  • The printing and printing areas are uniformly glossy
  • Excellent color rendition and great tonal range
  • True color fidelity, especially color
  • Outstanding black-and-white reproduction
  • High D Max and perfect gray balance
  • High contrast due to bright base and dense black
  • Perfect shadows and fine lines

The 60 is a high quality matte bright white, inkjet paper for photos, images have impressive clarity, make it become the perfect choice for the art of photography. This piece of paper is also thick and provides a rich sense of look and feel. In addition, this paper yields very low color spectra, making it an excellent choice for monochromatic photography.

The 80 is a matte best inkjet paper online double-sided polishing with no paper, inkjet coating mainly, can be both pigments and dyes, but also can be used for processing of high resolution printing. Duo Matte 80 instantly dry, waterproof, light resistant, suitable for portfolio, posters, signage and advertising. It is free of 100% acids and lignin.

Printer paper is a waterproof, opaque, lightweight, soft banner material with very good surface, vivid colors, resolution and edge sharpness, with pigment and dye ink. The lightweight vinyl printing paper consists of a tear resistant and flame retardant polyester fabric that is embedded between two white vinyl bases. Ink jet light vinyl inkjet paper for photos is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Its coating has been formulated to be quick drying and to obtain high levels of colour and lustre.


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