Best inkjet photo paper with high quality

EPSON inkjet photo paper is an instant drying paper for resin coated (RC) base. It is a favorite for photographers, graphic artists and printers. This RC barrier allows paper to maintain vivid, realistic colors, comparable to traditional prints. Its non foaming base makes it ideal for photos, promotional films, layouts, portfolios, images, proof, display and posters. It creates high quality prints by providing the highest ink coverage rate in an instant dry brilliant color ink. Most importantly, it applies to dye and pigment ink systems.
The highest color gamut can be used for vivid color reproduction.
RC paper base, used for actual photo printing.
Enhanced 2880 DPI printing to achieve the highest quality output.
Ericsson ink is instantly easy to handle.
7mil thickness and photographic sensation.


EPSON heritage paper is designed in collaboration with many of the world’s greatest artists. These unique papers are developed for those who intend to display and sell printed materials to art collectors and investors. With respect to the European mills, closely gallery and chemical engineer, develop the best inkjet photo  paper, EPSON heritage paper series produce excellent black density and color fidelity, archives and special collection of art works required.
EPSON 13 x 19 inch traditional fiber paper (25 sheets) is a kind of 100% cotton fiber paper, white coating smooth and matte. This inkjet photo paper has a very smooth surface with matte surface, making it ideal for photography / Art double paper. It has an industry-leading microporous ink receiving layer that produces dark, rich black (Dmax), extended color gamut and soft tonal grades, and will provide outstanding image durability and durability.


Affordable single matte paper, paper is a EPSON Stylus Pro series of wide format printers affordable, high quality output perfect solution. Applications include promotional films, comps, professional layouts, interior signage, certificates, displays and posters. Low cost alternative to high resolution output. This article is compatible with dye and pigment inks. With instant ink drying, for convenience, the best inkjet photo paper can be easily pressed into a shiny appearance and used as a protection against excessive light and moisture.
Like all of EPSON’s innovative media, this article aims to provide you with the highest resolution and color saturation. EPSON’s printer driver software actually optimizes the amount of ink released on the page in terms of the type of inkjet photo paper used. As usual, EPSON can guarantee the quality of EPSON.

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