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Paper selection is important if you want high-quality, long-lasting prints. The inkjet photo paper must be compatible with the printer and have the correct look and feel for the image printed on it. Its surface should also be able to accept ink rather than let it spread. In order to achieve these purposes, all inkjet papers have a coating surface that imparts flatness, surface texture, and ink absorbency.

Semi gloss best inkjet paper online including semi gloss, satin, and Pearl luster. These are widely available papers. They produce rich color, resistant to fingerprints, but durable enough to withstand careful handling and give enough glare to allow printed matter to be mounted behind the glass. These papers have the most extensive appeal, probably because we are accustomed to looking at photos on semi glossy paper.

The surface finish of inkjet photo paper can be broadly divided into three types: gloss, semi gloss and gloss free. The surface type affects the printed matter in a variety of ways.Glossy paper, because of the glossy coating used to achieve gloss, is often a higher resolution paper that displays more detail and more colors. However, glossy paper almost perfectly reflects the incoming light, which may distract attention.

Semi gloss paper preserves many details and colors of glossy paper,but they do not produce pure reflections due to changes in coating.Fundamentally, however, the gloss of the paint is very small, and they are reflected to some extent, even though the best inkjet paper online tends to shine a little.Matte paper is almost uncoated, or at least they are not on the semi gloss and gloss paper used resin. Therefore, because ink can diffuse, they often lose some resolution and color reproduction ability. However, they do not produce reflections at all, or exhibit flashes of light such as semi glossy paper. Matte paper may further have many surface texture, from the smooth surface texture with fiber texture.

Canon senior professional is no smooth matte gloss paper. Obviously, there is no reflection or flash when the printed matter is reflected by light. In addition, the inkjet photo paper is so smooth that it does not show any noticeable fibre quality in the printed matter.

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