High glossy inkjet paper works well with all inkjet printers

Choose glossy inkjet paper for your promotional materials, instead of choosing glossy paper for printing photos. The cheap inkjet photo paper is too thick; on the contrary, glossy inkjet paper for promotional materials should be slightly lighter so that it can be easily folded or bound.

If you print promotional materials on glossy paper, make sure you use the right paper. If you use a paper that is not designed for your printer, it may actually damage the printing device:
Inkjet printer: if you use laser gloss coated paper on inkjet paper, the paper will not absorb ink, and may eventually leave ink on the paper feeding hardware.
Laser printer: Inkjet gloss coated paper does not allow correct toner bonding, and ink may actually melt inside the printer. Ensure the use of glossy inkjet paper specifically designed for laser printers.

Note: This product has white inkjet coating, which is closer to the original appearance than our BEIGE cotton canvas paper. In addition, it’s Woven more tightly, the overall effect is less dramatic, but still quite amazing.
Product specification:

  • Pure cotton canvas ink coated inkjet paper
  • Prints have the appearance, texture, and feel of the old major paintings
  • Very suitable for prints that require additional influence or attention, such as portraits and landscapes or landscapes
  • Provide 10 layers of A4 Beige coating, A4, A3 and A3 + white coating, 10 layer packaging and 10M coil white coating

High glossy inkjet paper has glossy coatings on both sides, specially designed for double-sided inkjet printing. It produces bright colors, vivid images and clear black text, which does not show up. The paper is an ideal choice for printing color brochures, leaflets, communications and other business and sales materials, and works well with all inkjet printers.

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