High glossy photo paper 200g / 230g / 260g,inkjet photo paper

The use of professional import photo paper, to avoid the poor waterproof, not enough Glossy coating of expanded photo paper or other coated photographic paper made from raw fibrous base paper.The coating uses nano silica, and RC paper (particles) the same.Diameter: less than 150 nanometers) instead of traditional coatings, micron silicon dioxide in photographic paper.Its coating is divided into auxiliary ink suction microporous, high gloss image layer, integrity.Ink absorbing layer, ink set and whiteness control layer. Because of this special microporous structure.The ink can enter the complete ink absorbing layer through the ink absorbing holes on the high gloss image.And solidified in the cured ink layer. So it is waterproof and easy to dry, so that its color is waterproof.Touch when printing.

Its coating is very delicate, smooth, high brightness, high density, bright color, with very high color.The definition and sharpness can be compared with the traditional photo effects of halide in Argentina.pplies to all desktop and large inkjet printers.We can also provide you the crystal photo paper, matte photo paper, RC waterproof photo paper, color inkjet Photo paper, etc.

Product features:
1) High quality base paper, with special coating;
2)Excellent color, colour and detail;
3)Supports 5760dpi resolution;
4)Excellent image quality immediately dry without diffusion;
5)Colour saturation is the highest quality of a vivid photograph;
6)For different types of inkjet printers and inks (dyes, inks);
7)We can provide diversified sizes according to customer’s requirements;
8) Normal packing is a neutral package, but if you need to use color packaging or color card packaging, you can pack as required.

Suitable for 5760dpi printing precision, color, brightness, grade, print details and good waterproof performance,high quality coating and base paper, used for image quality design, make all kinds of pictures perfectly all attributes. Widely used in office, business, home and other advertising design, graphics output, office documents and other fields.
Lucky inkjet photo paper uses high quality body paper and paint, and is produced and processed by leading manufacturers in the printing field.
Lucky, high quality body paper: smooth, white, without harmful odor, waterproof, without aura ink.
Fortunately, high quality paint: this material ensures that the printing effect is full color and bright, and the area is gradual, with no harmful odor. The rapid absorption of ink, to ensure full color, brightness, color grade, no harmful smell, but other brands of poor quality material does not have this performance.
International leading technology: the technology ensures that the paper white, smooth and glossy, uniform coating, solid, no powder, printing ink firmly maintained on the paint, no ink halo, brighter colors.

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