High quality inkjet paper for all HP, Kodak and Lexmark inkjet printers

Our weight is 32 lb light. High gloss lustre is a smooth coated inkjet glossy paper. The paper is an inkjet paper, and it feels like a good paper, not a photo. One side is the quality of the photo and the other side is the coarse grind paper on the back. This 32lb inkjet paper is very popular. It is a light, bright white paper with a mirror – smooth surface of reflective printing. The stock also has 8.5 x 11 sizes. This article is fast drying and provides high quality details on high resolution printers. It is suitable for all HP, Kodak and Lexmark inkjet printers, as well as EPSON photos.

If you use a spray paper with a fluorescent brightener, improper viewing may make your print look yellow and fade. The latest, brightest white inkjet paper, such as Epson’s exhibit fiber paper, USES the OBA. Fluorescent whitening is an additive used to make paper look whiter. They may also be called artificial whitening agents. These brighteners absorb ultraviolet radiation and re-emit it into the blue spectrum, which is visible to our eyes. Uv radiation is one of the main reasons for printing discoloration and discoloration, so if you are saving the frame, you want to use the glass with the uv filter.

In our extensive online catalog, you will find the weight of the high quality inkjet paper, the size of the paper and the width of the rolls are excellent. For example, Freedom Paper uses coated large scale inkjet paper at 500 feet. Use 3 inch roll core, so our customers can print out engineering and technology sharp lines and text lines. If your large format printer has paper supply, we also sell large size advanced inkjet paper. We provide first-class customer service, fast order processing, and provide one-stop shopping convenience for all large scale inkjet paper.

Depending on how many pages you are doing and how to glue it, you may need to use a lighter weight paper, such as 20 lb, because it can make thinner and lighter paper books. But for inkjet printing, yes, the thickness of the paper is very different, especially if you use a multipurpose paper instead of an inkjet paper.

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