High speed A4 180gsm inkjet photo paper

Store the a4 180gsm high glossy photo paper  in clean, cool and dry environment , 10-50°C(50-120F), relative humidity of  10-80%.Be away from wet hands, or sweat or any other occasions that may cause stains or damage.Be careful not to bent the paper.When using a4 180gsm high glossy inkjet photo paper, please select print face correctly.  do not fold or damage surface;To ensure the quality of printing, please put the remaining paper into bag with seal preservation; Avoid high temperature, moisture and direct sunlight.

Smooth surfaces for exceptional gloss values: with their brilliant image quality and first-class color intensity, our glossy coated papers cannot fail to impress. The microporous receiver layer allows both dye based and pigmented inks to dry instantly.We have different types of glossy-coated papers: the varieties with a grammage of 150, 180 or 240 g/m² guarantee photo-quality print results, with their high calibre surface giving prints an incomparably brilliant finish. The budget option with 180 g/m² has a backcoat that means it is printable on both sides: a winner in terms of value for money. Brilliant impression and razor sharp images are the trademarks of our new high gloss Paper Glossy Primo. All our glossy coated papers are compatible with common inkjet printer models.

Support high resolution up to 5760dpi. High definition, small text clearly visible.Use high-quality coating and base paper. Smooth coating, high brightness, flat papers and easily paper walking.High-density, wide color gamut, excellent color and detail representation The printing effect can be comparable to traditional silver halide photograph.Excellent water resistance. The ink will not drop or dissolve if being soaked in water for dozens of hours.Instant dry. The ink must not penetrate into the back of the paper.Fully compatible with all inkjet printers like EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, DELL.Suitable for original ink and compatible with dye Ink.

The coating layer of inkjet photo paper and matte paper is not anti-oxidation.Users is also use not anti-oxidation dye ink.The speed of fading is great related to the quality of ink and inkjet paper preservation environment (Such as: 1. Wet weather 2. Ultraviolet radiation 3. Paper directly exposed to the air cause oxidized).The neutralization of various factors are determine the speed of inkjet photo paper fade. If you want to keep the inkjet photo paper for a long time. We suggest you to laminated it. The inkjet photo paper’s storage lift can be extended to 5-6 times after laminated.

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