Highest quality inkjet glossy photo paper

The glossy side is printing surface . Set the paper with the printing surface facing the inkjet nozzle . ( The backside is not suited for printing ).On some printer , the setting ( printing reference , quality setting etc.) can be adjusted to obtain more vivid and higher quality images . Please refer to the introduction manual for your printers.Try select glossy /photo paper or similarly named setting for the media type setting , together with the highest quality setting available for the print quality.

When loading the paper , try not to touch the printing surface with your fingers . So not bend or fold the paper.Be careful not to scratch the paper surface when taking the paper out of or putting it into the packaging.If the paper is curled , flatten before printing.If the paper feed mechanism does not work properly with multiple sheets of paper ,feed the paper one sheet at the time.

Printing may be unsatisfactory due to incorrect ink or printing modes . Read the instruction manual of your inkjet printer paper , and adjust the equipment setting accordingly.After printing ,do not touch the printed surface or stack other sheets on it until the paper is completely dry.Do not attempt to rapidly dry the printed surface with a hair drier or similar equipment. Do not use markers or highlighter pens on the image portion . Such pens may leave prints discolored by water or moisture , and resulting blurring.

This paper dries quickly , but do not touch the printed surface or pile up the paper before the ink dries completely.To store the printed paper , dry thorough as mentioned above and place it in frame with a glass or acrylic cover.Avoid display the printed paper , dry thoroughly  as mentioned above and place it in a frame with a glass or acrylic cover.Avoid displaying the printed inkjet paper outdoor or in location with high temperature , humidity or direct sunlight.When displaying or storing the inkjet paper, keep it away from ozone source , such as monitors, TV sets etc.Unused paper should be stored in the original package avoiding high temperature , humidity and direct sunlight.

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