Inkjet paper is of good quality

The rapid development of inkjet printer technology achieves photo quality recording and significantly improves the printing speed. With this development, the desired properties of inkjet paper are changing. We are developing R & D to disseminate high-quality products and technologies from around the world.

In order to compare with silver halide photography, inkjet technology requires specially designed inkjet paper. Inkjet paper optimizes ink absorbency, color rendering, water resistance, light resistance and running resistance of the printer, providing excellent output.
Use a light absorbing pigment, and the particle size of the absorbent pigment is smaller than the point size to provide better ink absorption and printing uniformity. The glossy inkjet paper is made from a process called casting. Here, the coating is pressed to the surface of the thermal mirror during immersion. The moisture in the coating evaporates from the back and the mirror reappears on the surface of the paper. For example, this kind of paper is used for glossy postcards.

Printing professionals use proofing paper. The commercial printer is required to display the final product sample to the customer before actual printing. The output used for this purpose is called “proof””. Inkjet technology is widely used today. For this application, the appearance of the paper is very similar to the actual appearance of the printed paper. In addition, the printed colors must be very stable.

Today, inkjet paper is even used in art. Because the texture of the paper is part of the characteristics of art paper, it creates the aura that the designer seeks. In other words, we think that the texture of the paper is one of the important qualities.In order to develop this high-performance inkjet paper, we use a variety of physical and chemical phenomena to achieve the desired quality. For example, the size of the cavity, the ink absorbency, the ion affinity and the layer structure are optimized to meet the desired properties (Figure: physical and chemical properties of inkjet paper).

Inkjet technology is still advancing today. High quality ink jet printing paper is the key to high quality output. We are developing higher quality inkjet paper, not only for new printers, but also for older printers.

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