Inkjet photo paper with RC coating

The finish of the Lustre inkjet paper is similar to the pearlescent finish, because it does not have the same level of glare as the sheen, and it is not as dull as the luster of the light. There is a perfect compromise between the two, with some degree of tibial polish. Gloss finish the low reflection, makes the specific lighting conditions when placing it behind the glass frame, from some angles, mainly from side) can be more easily to check the printing photos, and can resist fingerprints, otherwise it will leave oily Like the mark on the image. The sheen is often referred to as a semi-gloss by a professional photographer, which contains a very light texture similar to the inkjet photo paper.

Paper should be neatly placed in a clean, cool and dry place.Paper should be free of wet hands, sweat or any occasion that may cause stains or damage.Be careful not to bend the paper.Please print the surface properly when using.Do not fold or damage the surface when used; In order to ensure the quality of printing, please place the remaining paper in a sealed bag.Avoid high temperature, moisture and direct sunlight.

Resin coated and microporous coated paper.Waterproof, quick drying.Excellent color performance and consistency.Miniature inkjet photo paper with RC coating shows good flatness. Weight is 240gsm / 260gsm, which provides real photo feeling, with high anti-fatigue or other mechanical damage robustness.

 Imatec Photo Paper is a series of inkjet coated Paper that is different from 100gsm to 270gsm. Single – sided coating is different from rough matte to cast luster.Paper is 10 x 15 cm with A4, A3, A2, A5, A6, A3 + size and photo size.Imatec photographic paper is a high quality generic product for all inkjet technologies, such as hot air bubbles or piezoelectric and pigment inks used in dye-based inks. All inkjet photo paper has been specially designed and thoroughly tested and fully compatible with Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and other leading OEM printers.

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