Kodak 13×19 professional inkjet metallic photo paper

Kodak professional inkjet paper weight of 230 grams, lustrous. It has a smooth, neutral – white surface with no acid and can be used in long – term printing of ink. The instant drying of the large hole coating prevents stains and prints and provides secure printing production. This is ideal for accurate color representation and high resolution output.
Features: -Large hole instant dry coating.
-An unacidic, persistent image.
-Smooth, matte.
-Compatible dyes and pigment ink.

Epson advanced glossy inkjet paper 4 x6 is a inkjet photo paper that can easily print high-quality photos. Epson inkjet photo paper is a glossy paper that provides a fine professional look for your printing pieces. If you want to fill out a frame at home, make your own card, send a postcard of your favorite scene or start a photo album, this glossy inkjet paper is a perfect start.

Advanced 11 x 17 glossy inkjet paper – 10 packs -Picture perfect! Whether you’re a photo expert, graphic designer, publisher or home computer user – QP photo quality glossy white paper will provide professional completion for your work. Heavy weight and 0.0098 thick, paper dry, no clumps or in dense or dark shadow area pools. Apply to all 11x 17 printers using four or six color ink. Including 10 glossy inkjet paper sheets, each 11x 17.

Kodak 13×19 professional inkjet metallic photo paper  (255gsm, 20sheets) can produce stunning images of high gloss metal. Kodak professional inkjet paper has a larger color field and a higher Dmax value, which can reproduce the image in the camera more accurately. Bright metallic color, compatible with dye and pigment photo ink-jet technology.

  • 255 grams of inkjet paper.
  • Used for dyes and pigment ink.
  • High gloss, metallic texture.
  • Great high quality, photos, presentations, posters, POP and trade display graphics and presentation graphics.
  • Very suitable for short-term indoor printing requirements.
  • Hot and cold laminated compatibility.



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