Water Transfer Paper,Decal Paper inkjet printer

Water Transfer (Suitable for general Inkjet and Laser jet Printer)- Suggest new user to use this, any inkjet printer suitable.Water transfer is available for general inkjet or laser printer with the newest generation of transfer king film. No need to ink or CFS modification! Print documents and do water transfer in the same ink and same printer.

How lamination is required after printing with this material. “New Transfer King film” can be printed by any kind of printer or ink, just print on the film and go through hot lamination, and you can transfer any image onto vary product, such as wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, laptop, mug, etc. No matter what kind of shape it is, Just test to see! Just 5 easy transfer steps: SOAK → TRANSFER → PULL → EXPELL → DRY, very easy and quick, Just test to see!

Take out Material-A Transparent printable film (With Red Flash is printing side) Material-B with water glue (Back print WATER PAPER). It’s Suitable for most of desktop inkjet printer including original and compatible bulk ink, like water dye ink or pigment ink. For Canon, Lexmark, HP, Epson use. With following manual you can transfer to all different material like Mugs, Plates, Woods, Plastic, Glass, Metal, Very large application for working with Transfer King II.

Make sure the printing side and set into mirror before printing. After printing, use dryer to dry completely (Otherwise the film will be difficult to remove)Object should be to well cleaned. Water and bubble should be expel completely or it will affect and product.Oven baking 120C-140C (15-20min) no need to spray protection lacquer.

The paper has the specification of no wrinkles, with a lot of ink but no penetration.Our paper has reasonable price and competitive market. The transfer color is vivid and won’t distorted.The sublimation paper is easy to stock.With abundant capital and rich experience for the majority of customers to provide high-quality products and good after-sales service.

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