What brand of photo paper, inkjet printing paper is better?

Through the visit of the printing paper market, we understand the basic situation of printing paper. Select the appropriate printing paper can greatly improve the printing effect, in the inkjet photo paper, the best effect of EPSON, the higher the price. Xerox photo quality is good, the price is moderate, the average user can accept. I suggest that, if it is not particularly high quality requirements for image printing, you can choose the general picture paper, although the effect is not as good as inkjet photo paper, but the price is low, it is recommended.

EPSON film is suitable for printing photos, it is smooth, print out the pictures are very clear, not soaked in ink, bright color, if the printer resolution is high, a photo and print inkjet photo paper are very similar. This inkjet photo paper is thinner than ordinary paper thickness, both sides of the texture is not the same. One side is very smooth and reflective, the other side feels a bit like cardboard, feel rough. Don’t think, the smooth side must be positive. This paper is generally used to display the printer when the printer color printing effect, bright, true color and the same texture as the photo will leave a deep impression on the user.

The company produced by Konica photo paper than I see EPSON inkjet photo paper thicker, one is smooth, another is like the popular Kodak Royal, which belongs to the matte texture. According to the merchant said, these two kinds of inkjet photo paper is suitable for ultra high resolution printer, printed on the packaging ONLY 2880dpi words, which is not really low, only a few high-end printers can reach 2880dpi. 1440dpi can also make use of, if your printer is lower than this resolution, advised you not to use the best, because the use of this paper on a low resolution printer is a waste, simply do not come good results.

High quality heat transfer paper for light  t-shirt can be used to ordinary color inkjet photo paper printers, and it is applicable to common water-based ink (Pigment ink recommended).After processes of printing and heat transfer, images can be transfer to cotton fabrics, thus you can produce various distinctive products like personal T-shirts, singlets, advertising shirt, sportswears. hats bags, pillows, cushions, mouse pads, handkerchiefs, gauze masks, home decorations.The pattern transferred on the products are of high quality, and characterized as colorful, breathable, soft and bearing superior color fastness to washing.

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