What is Metallic Inkjet Paper?

These inkjet photo papers are manufactured according to international standards and are used at the end of our suppliers for high-grade raw materials. It can be used in a variety of sizes and designs, which are very much needed in all industries. Customers can obtain these high-end products from us at a market leading price.


  • Compatible in nature
  • Water proof
  • Instant dry

Metallic Inkjet Paper is a photographic paper with a slight metallic sheen that provides extra “pop” for your print and separates them from others. The metal quality of this article is on the basis of this article, so there is no need for special ink for printing. All you need is a photo true inkjet printer.Our simple elegant inkjet metal dielectric series includes gloss and pearlescent surface types. Chrome plated pearlescent has a wet laboratory inkjet photo paper appearance and feel, with a smooth metallic touch. A simple, elegant metallic pearl, an ink-jet gloss photographic paper, showing the lightest metallic color in printed matter.

When printing on a simple metal chrome glossy  inkjet paper, choose the best glossy print or gloss setting for the printer. When using simple and elegant chrome plated gloss prints, use the printer’s best gloss or satin paper setting. Using these profiles has shown the best fit for EPSON, Canon, and HP printers. Advanced users can also choose to create their own profiles for metal inkjet paper, but we have tested the settings in the print lab and obtained impressive results.

Inkjet paper printers have become a gateway for consumers to enter professional photo arts. Before the photo printer, users had to roll a reel of film or digital camera into a drugstore or super store for film development. There are two choices – waiting for an hour or a week to wait. One is expensive, but it prints quickly to consumers, while the other is slow and cheap. Today, however, there is a way to get professional print at home that is as good as the lab created print. Printing photos at home can save a lot of money, and will be instantaneous, unlike professional development.


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